West Coast

Clean, versatile, ale yeast from the American West Coast. A given choice for hop-dominated ales like American pale ales or IPAs.


Popular yeast strain from a well-known Belgian brewery. Because of its ester-dominated fermentation profile, this yeast strain is often used in strong belgian ales. Other beer styles where this yeast strain can be used are Belgian-style IPA, Belgian blond and tripel.

Trappist O

Relatively clean Belgian yeast from a Trappist brewery in the Ardennes. A good choice for most belgian ales, but especially strong pale belgian ales. In combination with Brett I, this strains can be used for brewing belgian specialty ales.

Wheat I

Belgian wit yeast from a brewery in West Flanders


Alcohol tolerant yeast strain suitable for strong and sweet ales. This yeast strain originates from a West Flemish brewery


Yeast strain from a brewery in the Belgian Ardennes. Very versatile strain that fits most Belgian ale styles because of its balanced fermentation profile.


Slightly phenolic and spicy yeast strain from West Flandres. This is a versatile yeast strain that fits both malty and hoppy beers.


Mild, slightly fruity yeast strain from a Cornish brewery. Suitable for both classic British beer styles and modern interpretations.

Brett I

Brettanomyces yeast from a Walloon Trappist brewery that gives an earthy aroma to the beer. Recommended for secondary fermentation after primary fermentation with Trappist O.

Brett II

Fruity Brettanomyces yeast strain with an aroma that reminds of French cider.


Sterile wortagar slant in a glass jar, suitable for storing yeast in a refrigerator.


Sterile glycerol in a glass jar, to be blended 50/50 with yeast slurry for storing in a freezer.